10 Gift Ideas for Spyro the Dragon fans 

Name a purple dragon more iconic than Spyro. You can't. Known for his epic gliding skills, fierce fire breathing and being a very fetching shade of purple, Spyro first landed in our world in 1998 and has held a very special place in our hearts ever since. We know you've got a Spyro fan in your life, so we've curated a gift guide of some of our favourite unique, original and official Spyro the Dragon apparel to make your life just that lil' bit easier.

1. Spyro Circle Sweatshirt

2. Spyro Street Art T-Shirt

3. Spyro Flaming Hoodie

4. Spyro the Dragon Hoodie - Purple/Orange

5. Spyro the Dragon Hoodie - Purple/Purple

6. Spyro Superflame Sweatshirt

7. Spyro Gnasty Sweatshirt

8. Spyro Stone Hill T-Shirt

9. Spyro Stone Hill Sweatshirt

10. Spyro Circle T-Shirt

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Get them something that they actually wanna wear. Our apparel is the perfect combination of fandom, quality and fashion. We make a conscious effort to design apparel that not only celebrates our favourite games but uses high quality, durable fabrics and looks bloomin' good too. We also care about the planet. We print on demand to reduce waste, and lots of our apparel is vegan - just look for the PETA approved logo. 

Don't know which one to pick?! We know it's a hard choice. So instead, why not get them an eGift Card?